December 27, 2012


Class Descriptions


Erin’s Classes

Lindy Hop:

  • No More Guesswork: We’ll focus on how to structure your body and your balance so that “feeling a lead” becomes more of an inevitability and less of a guessing game.  When you understand the pure kernel of body mechanics that allows you to feel a lead happening, you’ll see how much room there is for you to add your own ideas, textures, and influence to the music and the partnership!  While this may seem like a class about connection, you’ll quickly find that this concept is the key to your creative independence!
  • How To Have It All(Int/Adv): So you want to be a follow that feels great, looks great, makes a statement, takes no prisoners, and is everyone’s favorite.  Me too!  OK, you can’t make everyone love you, but this class will focus on specific ideas about partnership, musicality, and artistry that will take your social dancing to the next level.



  • Original Routine pt 1/Original Routine pt 2
  • Musicality: Learn about macro-musicality, which will follow the standard jazz chorus structure, to be able to predict events in the music and sequence your movements in a way that looks natural and seamless.  We’ll dissect why classic routines like the Shim Sham and Tranky Do work so nicely, and we’ll play with coming up with our own classics!
  • Next Level Musicality(Int/Adv): We’ll focus on the tough aspects of phrasing in this class, and explore different approaches to your musicality, from the formulaic to the organic.  Learn to express your phrasing through rhythm as well as shape and gesture.  (Yes, this will involve Erin’s infamous arm movement exercises!)

Irina’s Classes

Lindy Hop:

  • Slip, Slop, and Slide: Learn different slide variations and exercises, then work on putting these slides in your partner dancing in a variety of areas.
  • Spins and Turns: Here we will focus on finding balance and consistency in spins and turns as well as some different aesthetics available to us within them.


  • Rhythm Work: Draw inspiration from the music you dance to by extracting rhythms and turning them into unique footwork variations of your own that you will be able to incorporate into your partnered dancing.
  • The art of leading and following: In this class we will not only be refining our technique as followers, but also learning how to take assertion through leading.

Stacia’s Classes

Lindy Hop:

Choose Your Own Adventure: Telling your own story within this two person dance – how to be inspired by your partner, by the music, the mood you walked in with – dancing just like yourself.

Group Private for the Gals: Camp fire moment! In which each follow gets individual feedback from Anthony and I, and as a bonus we all learn from each other.

Things that make you go hmmm…- Tune up time! We’ll focus on a few common challenges for follows, regardless of skill level, and fine tune ’em up.


Back to Basics: Riffing on basic solo jazz vocab – polishing up the foundation, and adding variations on the theme.


Anthony’s Class

Hip Hop: Come and get down with your bad self and learn a different style of dance, with the one and only Anthony!