Join us in Denver, Colorado April 22-24, 2016!

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We offer a full weekend of classes dedicated both to solo and partnered dance. Click here to see the schedule!

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RMGJ has some of the most fun and friendly contests around including the crowd-favorite lip sync battle!

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Featuring the best live music and DJ’s, our friendly social dances are the place to be to practice the new moves and techniques you’ll learn!

Featuring The First Annual Chorus Girl Collective Show - April 23, 2016

A weekend workshop focused on vintage dance
Rocky Mountain Girl Jam in Denver, CO

Follows: This weekend is focused on YOU! At most dance events, classes seem to be focused on leads: teaching them moves, teaching them how to lead them, making sure they’re doing it right...but this weekend focuses on follows! Half the classes are solo dancing, which will help you improve your skills, moves, and quality of movement. The other half are for partnered dancing, but will focus on the follows! We’ll show you how to vamp up your style, become a more active follow, get more creative in your dancing, and more confident in your movements! For the leads - you'll pick up tips and tricks of your own, making your skills that much sweeter, and making you that much more desirable of a lead! We will see you here in Denver!

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